UNESCO National Commission of the Philippines

Strategic Objectives


The UNESCO National Commission of the Philippines serves as a vehicle for promoting UNESCO’s ideals, programmes, and activities aimed at creating a society where each individual can live and work in dignity and participate fully in the country’s development.


UNESCO National Commission of the Philippines as the primary enabling agency in maximizing Philippine engagement in UNESCO and in advancing UNESCO programs in the Philippines


  1. To serve as an advisory/consultative and liaison body that would associate/bridge or link the work and programs of relevant bodies/agencies in the Philippine government with UNESCO’s own work in educational, scientific and cultural matters and concerns.

  2. To ensure that UNESCO’s mandates and programmes are promoted and implemented in the Philippines through closely working with partners at the national and local levels, UNESCO Secretariat at Headquarters and in the field, and other National Commissions.

  3. To bring in the Philippines experiences and perspectives in crafting and refinement of UNESCO policies and programs

Key Result Areas

  1. Transparent, accountable, and participatory governance
  2. Poverty reduction and empowerment of the poor and vulnerable
  3. Integrity of the environment and climate change adaptation and mitigation

Sector Outcome

Advancing Philippine Interests in the International Community

Organizational Outcome

Philippine linkage in UNESCO’s programs and activities on Education, Science and Technology, Social and Human Sciences, Culture, and Communication and Information strengthened.