Knowledge and Dissemination of Philosophical Thought of Non-Western Cultures, especially through new technologies

For World Philosophy Day on 19 November 2015 UNESCO held a roundtable debate on the plurality of languages and places of philosophy. One of the themes discussed was knowledge and dissemination of philosophical thought of non-Western cultures, specifically - following the publication in 2014 of the Philosophy Manual - a South-South Perspective - the implications of resorting to distance education.

With the particpation of
Phinith Chanthalangsy,UNESCO Office in Rabat
Rainier Ibana, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines; chair of the COMEST Working Group on Environmental Ethics
Katherine Weber, Future Learn, London, UK
Farida Chahreddine, teacher and public lecturer

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Resilient Cities, Brighter Futures: A Forum-Workshop on Anticipatory Studies and Strategic 

With more than half of the world’s population living in urban areas, cities now lie at the heart of global sustainability, social cohesion, and prosperity. Understanding the 21st century challenges and opportunities that cities confront is important. The massive devastation and human suffering that Typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan) brought to Leyte and Samar in the Eastern Visayas highlighted inefficiencies in existing crisis management and disaster risk reduction programs in the Philippines. The painful experience with Haiyan signalled a re-thinking and re-framing of city and town planning theories, policies, and practices. Read more...

Eighth Karunungan Festival: Global Citizenship Education

Since 2013, the Karunungan (Wisdom) Festival has become the SHS Committee’s flagship project to commemorate the National Teachers’ Month (September to October). Targeting school teachers and students, Karunungan endeavours to bring new knowledge and expertise from the social and human sciences to enrich learning content and improve the quality of teaching. Read more...

Play Clean, Play Fair, Play True: National Anti-Doping in Sport Awareness Raising and Commitment Campaign

In view of the increasing use of performance enhancing drugs in the sports community, UNESCO is deeply concerned about the erosion of ethics and fair play created by this practice among athletes and sports enthusiasts. Read more...

Teaching Ethics in Philippines Schools: 2014 World Philosophy Day

With support from Philippines NatCom’s SHS Committee, the Philosophical Association of the Philippines (PAP) organized a one-day conference on Teaching Ethics at the Ateneo de Manila University on 06 December 2014. The conference, which was also PAP’s year-end meeting was well-attended with 430 philosophy teacher and student attendees, representing various universities and colleges around the country. Read more...